March for Missions is coming!

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March For Missions is a fun Walk/Run in which the community comes together to raise proceeds and awareness for World Missions.

The event is great for individuals of all ages who can participate in a beautiful 10k walk or run to help those less fortu- nate, and enjoy a post-event success party. The event also provides a chance for everyone to gather with their families, friends, co-workers and clients while making a valuable contribution to World Missions projects.

Perhaps you, your friends, relatives, or co-workers would like to help us raise awareness by getting everyone you know to come and March for Missions. Everyone is welcome to come join in the fun whether or not they sign up to help raise funds.

Who does March For Missions benefit?

The proceeds from March For Missions will benefit Project Samuel. Project Samuel is a youth revitalization project serving ophans and at risk children world wide.
Currently RFC’s Project Samuel is working in the African nation of Zambia, and the Latin American nation of Nicaragua. Future plans include expansion of the project into Southeast Asia and India.

The Zambian project is building a youth revitalization center in the rural Zambia. Upon its completion, Project Samuel Zambia will provide housing, education, job training, and medical assistance to over 300 orphans. In addition to serving orphans, the project will serve at risk youth in the community at large.

An estimated 800,000 children have lost at least one parent to diseases such as AIDS, Malaria, Typhoid Fever or Cholera in Zambia alone. Over 2,000 households are headed by a child under 18 years of age.

How does March For Missions raise money?

Team leaders, walkers, and runners are recruited to partake in the March For Missions activities and solicit donations prior to event day. Participants are asked to bring collected donations to registration on the event day.

The organizational committee will award prizes to the participants turning in the most money on the event day, as well as the first, second, and third place finishers in the “Fun Run”.

You don’t have to get sponsors to partici- pate in March For Missions. There is a $30.00 registration fee for all walkers and runners not participating on a fund-raising team. Those participating on a team pay a $15.00 registration fee to offset the cost of the event. Team members must make an effort to help thier team meet its fundraising goal.

Each participant will receive a FREE T-shirt!

How can I help?

To help Project Samuel and raise awareness for World Missions register online at We will be happy to get you information and a sponsorship form so you can begin signing up your sponsors today!

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